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While it's absolutely reasonable to worry about a world in which more and more properties are concentrated in the hands of singular, giant megacorps, it does look a bit odd if you're complaining about losing access to games while stopping them from joining competing services.

We'll find out if the CMA agrees when it completes its in-depth, "Phase 2" investigation opens in new tab into the Activision Blizzard acquisition, which is some way off yet. For now, we'll have to content ourselves with poring over these kinds of corporate submissions for more interesting tidbits like this one. So far, we've already learned that Microsoft privately has a gloomy forecast for the future of cloud gaming opens in new tab , and that the company thinks Sony shouldn't worry so much since, hey, future COD games might be as underwhelming as Vanguard opens in new tab.

Who knows what we'll learn next? Sign up to get the best content of the week, and great gaming deals, as picked by the editors. One of Josh's first memories is of playing Quake 2 on the family computer when he was much too young to be doing that, and he's been irreparably game-brained ever since. His writing has been featured in Vice, Fanbyte, and the Financial Times. He'll play pretty much anything, and has written far too much on everything from visual novels to Assassin's Creed.

His most profound loves are for CRPGs, immersive sims, and any game whose ambition outstrips its budget. He thinks you're all far too mean about Deus Ex: Invisible War.

Open menu Close menu PC Gamer PC Gamer THE GLOBAL AUTHORITY ON PC GAMES. opens in new tab opens in new tab opens in new tab opens in new tab opens in new tab opens in new tab. US Edition. News Reviews Hardware Best Of Magazine The Top Forum More PCGaming Show Podcasts Coupons Newsletter SignUp Community Guidelines Affiliate Links Meet the team About PC Gamer. I jump from altium to kicad to solidworks multiple times a day but the most annoying jump is when I go to ltspice and go, why is move bound to F7.

I stopped even bothering to try to use hotkeys on LTspice. neltnerb 3 days ago root parent next [—]. The key shortcuts in ltspice are hilarious, it took a decade before I found another program that used R and E for rotate and mirror instead of right clicking in some way.

I still haven't decided whether I prefer the horror of embedding models, creating single-system-only library files that I can't give to anyone, or it's amazing. I'd probably pay if it was just simple to import 3rd party models, even if they're encrypted. Every time I have to screw around with some encrypted model I worry about whether it's going to end up accurate.

jay3ss 3 days ago root parent prev next [—]. LTSpice is pretty great. I used it in undergrad to design and simulate a single block of CMOS memory. It was a little tough getting going, but once I figured things out it was a great experience. chongli 3 days ago root parent prev next [—]. I just started using LTSpice a few days ago. It's pretty arcane for sure but at least it's consistent. The tool is really not that complicated at all.

Its value seems to be in its simulation capabilities as well as its selection of standard components. It does crash here and there, though, but I haven't lost any work yet. Animats 3 days ago root parent next [—]. Well, yes. LTSpice is not for schematic capture. It's for simulation. If you have to do power supply design, LTSpice lets you almost get it right before you order parts. Here's one of mine. Except for the depletion-mode FET current limiter. The resistor that sets the current limit had to be adjusted after building to get the same current limit as the simulation.

LTSpice doesn't help with layout. I had to follow the layout instructions in the switcher control data sheet to get it to work. Some of those paths have to be very short. That may well be. IN that case, LTSpice would benefit greatly from being able to import the output of a proper schematic capture tool. If LTSpice was OpenSource, that could be added in a day of work. I love LTSpice, but the fact that 1.

the software sees very little updates over time 2. it's closed source and all the cool shit that could be added to it by the community won't happen is really a huge downer. Animats 2 days ago root parent next [—].

You usually use LTSpice only to simulate difficult analog parts of a circuit. Not the whole thing. The important part is the device models that simulate components.

Those do get updated as new analog ICs come out. It's finding a good model that's hard. Linear Technology keeps the models updated for their own parts, but you have to look around on the Web for many non-LT parts. pjmlp 3 days ago root parent prev next [—]. To show my age, during digital circuit design classes I used something similar but targeted to Windows 3. It was much better than the simulator shown on this thread. dheera 3 days ago parent prev next [—]. I can't figure out for the life of me how to move this LED upward in the Z direction.

Or bend the pins so I can plug the LED into 2 different Arduino pins e. GND and A0. I have the same problem with most 3D software, I have a 2D mouse and it's a fundamentally inadequate human interface device to manipulate things in 3 dimensions. with nice looking fonts, swipe gestures, hamburger icons, generous margins and space would be nice.

Gigachad 3 days ago parent prev next [—]. Does the page just show up mostly blank for anyone else? bob29 3 days ago root parent next [—].

Yes reply. yazzku 3 days ago parent prev next [—]. Well, it is like as far as the real-time performance of the graphics go. Or maybe more like CoffeePython 3 days ago parent prev next [—]. Yeah on my machine it's a lot slower using Firefox than chrome. We can investigate and see why it's happening. Also I do agree that 2D interface is probably important to add at some point too!

macintux 3 days ago root parent next [—]. macOS Safari Intel MacBook Pro is unusably slow. MichaelZuo 3 days ago parent prev next [—]. The title does seem like a misaimed comparison.

malerba 3 days ago parent prev next [—]. We have some camera presets that let you position the camera directly overhead for a top-down view which effectively is a 2d building experience. We might create a dedicated 2d view if there's enough demand for it! Kwpolska 3 days ago root parent next [—]. The overhead view might not be enough. Performance issues aside, if I take your sample and rotate the camera to the overhead view, the wires that power the Arduino overlap in a kinda confusing way.

Fordec 3 days ago parent prev next [—]. And on the good software the 2D interfaces take customizable color parameters, any level detail you like 3D files, customizable fonts. Just take 20 minutes to customize a settings file and reuse for every new project after, iterating as you go and you'll get yourself pretty realistic outputs long term. cpcallen 3 days ago parent prev next [—].

Also doesn't seem to work in Chrome: I see a toolbar and the rest of the page is blank. looks like we got the HN hug of death lol, back up now reply. fuzzythinker 3 days ago parent prev next [—]. On Chrome on MBP, nothing loads until 5secs later. Probably only good for making a presentation on a beefy machine, not useable otherwise. Taniwha 3 days ago parent prev next [—]. doesn't seem to work on chrome either reply. jakear 3 days ago root parent next [—]. Do you perhaps have "Advanced Security" mode enabled, where JIT is disabled for new sites?

Site was super jank at first but once I added it to my exception list it was buttery on my M1. CoffeePython 3 days ago root parent prev next [—].

Would love to investigate and see why this isn't working for you. Should work on chrome. Taniwha 3 days ago root parent next [—].

latest linux chrome Version Starts up but central window just has a rotating loading icon that never goes away reply. JCM9 2 days ago prev next [—]. A lot could be said of many forms of web design too. The basic designs of the late 90s and early s were very functional. A lot of the junk out there today looks flashy but is borderline terrible at actually communicating easily navigable information. jmole 2 days ago parent next [—]. This is a bad take - most UIs from that era are objectively worse, and most of the good ones have been carried forwards and incorporated into newer versions.

With old software, you have a lot of experimental ideas that make it into prod. Want properties on this item? Sorry, right click rotates the component. Click the component and press P instead. dpacmittal 2 days ago root parent next [—]. malerba 2 days ago parent prev next [—]. Aesthetics aside, we're interweaving a wasm port of ngspice with a microcontroller simulator and running realtime simulations all in the browser which i would say is innovative in several ways reply.

blululu 2 days ago root parent next [—]. The simulator under the hood is cool - someone even got a component to smoke. But the post leads with a pretty condescending title that focuses on aesthetic motivations by dumping superficially on everything else. Naturally people are going to focus on the usability of the interface and unfortunately it is really hard to use. Gratuitous 3D is not a good design choice for a number of reasons that others have elaborated in great detail.

malerba 2 days ago root parent next [—]. Hard to use? what do you mean, you drag parts around and then you click a simulate button, that's it. You think configuring a transient analysis with 8 parameters is easier?

I'm sure it's easy for people who are already familiar with it. But face it, no high schooler is going to be itching to start an electrical engineering career because they got their hands on a spice simulator.

A 2d orthocam view looking down on the bread board would be much easier to see and manipulate. There are several posts outlining issues with usability on this thread already. I think that the product is compelling but the interface still needs some work if it is going to be an improvement over Indeed it's hard to drag things around in 3d which is why we restrict movement of parts to the XZ plane effectively making it a 2d editor in a 3d viewer.

The way it is setup here is good. The problems come in when there are also interactive elements in the view and this leads to a lot of usability issues. I frequently moved the whole breadboard by mistake. The holes are small and all look the same. Offering some feedback about which holes would be connected would be much easier to use.

Sometimes this requires a change of views, but also the bread board get cluttered. They currently take a linear path in XY between the two connections. Some research has shown that using curved paths is easier for the eye to follow so something like a smooth step. Again I want to be clear that I think that this technology is really interesting and it has a lot of promise - especially since it is a pure web stack. I also think that it is not yet at the stage where it can arrogantly mock its rivals for using 15 year old UI component libraries.

physPop 2 days ago root parent prev next [—]. That's like saying "we're making it less performant and more fragile on purpose" reply. theodric 2 days ago parent prev next [—]. Somebody had to say it! We thrive on novelty, especially people drawn to tech.

With the pace of change in the early years of modern tech, making things constantly change appearance was natural and unavoidable, so we've come to expect it, but some things are eventually good enough. Chairs, sinks, toilets, plates-- there may be edge cases of radical divergences from their settled forms, but for the most part, they're stable and consistent.

pkolaczk 3 days ago prev next [—]. This illustrates a problem with many "modern" applications. My first impression: "Oh, that looks nice. Looks like in real life". Then I tried using it and found that it is clunky and slow to the point it is barely usable and I would much faster build the real circuit on a real breadboard instead. japanman 3 days ago parent next [—]. I was seeing a friend the other day who was using an ancient version of mastercam, version 8 I think.

I looked at it and thought wow I need to update him to a later version. However after watching him use it it just all made sense. There were a few areas that could be improved, but it was so simple and clear to use. I'd like to see a study done of this kind of application, but removing all slowness. That should inform us of the real value of a lifelike 3D UI, separately from the effects of the jankiness that normally accompany them. Kwpolska 2 days ago root parent next [—].

Some of them because the 2D simulator abstracts some things away better eg. power sources or wires , some of them because the developers could invest more effort in the simulation logic, and some of them because the 3D simulator does a bad job at the real-life parts of it eg.

overlapping wires or putting the connector inside the hole. mickael-kerjean 3 days ago parent prev next [—]. defactoPun 2 days ago parent prev next [—]. but i guess that's the point, you have to have the breadboard and components first. If in a stitch, maybe this would do for that moment. gumboza 3 days ago prev next [—]. I want That's the last time anything worked. LTspice for example. Edit: worth nothing there is a native macOS port of LTspice now. Arubis 3 days ago parent next [—]. LTspice at least had a gui!

I remember sketching schematics by hand, marking up nodes with names, then feeding plaintext into PSpice. But it worked great! a9h74j 3 days ago root parent next [—]. Considering how many ECAD programs have come and gone since the beginnings, over time that could still be a net win. gumboza 3 days ago root parent prev next [—]. Yes indeed. I used to do that on a Sun workstation back in the s as well.

Then go and make some tea while the simulation was running. coupdejarnac 3 days ago parent prev next [—]. LTspice still works great afaik. I use it on Linux with Wine. rahen 3 days ago root parent next [—]. io It's still missing a comprehensive component library like LTspice does though, contributions are welcome. KiCad can also simulate circuits through NGSpice, but it's missing a library and suffers from a lot of quirks. antegamisou 3 days ago parent prev next [—]. NI Multisim is one of my [proprietary] favorites too.

teleforce 3 days ago root parent next [—]. Just wondering can Multisim integrate seamlessly with Ultiboard for circuit emulation since both of them now under NI? I know that Proteus simulator can perform the emulation to some extent. Logism evolution works great and is quite modern. Kiboneu 3 days ago prev next [—]. For reference, here is a circuit simulator that was ported from a project and it is 2D.

It is neat that it can simulate arduino uno code to pulse IO, as an in-simulation workbench. laveur 3 days ago parent next [—]. I use this a lot for quickly testing things out when I am not entirely sure what I need. It's incredibly powerful, and give you scopes so you can verify things work. It may be very old and look ancient by modern standards but it's much more usable for me. Also I don't need sonmething to simulate an Arduino, I need something to say test a op-amp summing amplifier.

kragen 3 days ago root parent next [—]. the simulation blows up sometimes it doesn't look ancient to me reply. IIAOPSW 3 days ago parent prev next [—].

I was trying to rig a feedback loop between a lamp and a photoresistor but it isn't working. Do you know if the photoresistor actually reads in light generated by other circuit components, or is it just supposed to simulate a variable resistor responding to light from outside the circuit? alphabetter 3 days ago root parent next [—]. I've contributed quite a lot to Paul's simulator, including doing the port so it runs natively in the browser.

The photoresistor is just controlled by the slider in the side-bar. It doesn't respond to lights in the circuit. There is an "optocoupler" under "active building blocks" that does connect optically. I've seen a few requests to add feedback that occurs outside the electrical domain - light is one, but also for mechanical movement motors that turn generators. But, I pesonally think it's hard to know how to model all these non-electrical interactions in a way that is visually clear and effective.

Kiboneu 2 days ago root parent next [—]. Thanks for your contributions. I played circuit. js obsessively during high school as well as some of the other simulators. It was just way more intuitive than spice. I picked up Art of Electronics around that time.

Ten years later, just the other day I was using it to prototype some filter and resonator circuits. gnramires 3 days ago prev next [—]. Highly recommended. Just a little bit better interface and user friendliness and it would be amazing! A somewhat more robust numerical backend that can give error guarantees would also be nice, you kind of have to tinker with time steps in some cases. alphabetter 3 days ago parent next [—].

I did the port of Paul's sim so that it runs natively in the browser instead of needing a Java plug-in remember them and made various other contributions. I haven't contributed for a couple of years, but Paul still actively maintains it.

Do you have specific ideas on what would be changed to "revitalize" it? I agree the UI is kind of basic it could do with a pallet of common components , but I still like the productivity of it. gnramires 2 days ago root parent next [—]. Well, first, thanks so much for your work it's really one of the most useful tools on the internet imo. I'm not super qualified to critique it, specially the interface.

but I think it works well as is! I had a look back at it and see many great new features. js interface although in terms of self-documentation[1], I think circuitjs is better!

The cloud save functionality could be really useful although I'd understand if you find it out of scope. Something like: auto step -- simulate at half speed and check the difference between the two simulations; if significant, improve accuracy until it reaches maximum; I'm sure there could be better approaches though like trying to find maximum resonance frequencies 4 An easy way to run it offline?

I think since it's already a web app and it's very light, an electron app distribution would be nice although HN notoriously cringes at electron :P. That's easier done with GUIs where commands and references should be a few clicks away, though it can also be done in text interfaces with help commands and such. Wokwi is an awesome tool!

We're actually using wokwi's open-sourced avr simulator to power arduinos in diode. One thing wokwi doesn't do however is analog simulation so we're hoping to combine spice simulations with arduino, rpi, esp32, etc.

gnramires 3 days ago root parent next [—]. Indeed, mixed signal simulations would be very useful, I reckon, for people dealing with sensors and that kind of stuff. Might as well simulate it before building it. It's currently possible with falstad's open source code base as well, you just have to program inputs and outputs but it's not very ergonomical let's put it that way.

But the option of having 3D for blinkenlights is sure nice : also a great accessibility for people who can't afford to buy hardware for learning and experimentation but have access to a computer reply. quickthrower2 3 days ago prev next [—]. Yes, it simulates blowing stuff up. defactoPun 2 days ago parent next [—]. Only thing I miss now is that burnt LED smell xD reply. quickthrower2 2 days ago root parent next [—]. Worth the day it will take off your life expectancy! IshKebab 3 days ago prev next [—].

Pretty cool, though I would say that a breadboard is probably a worse UI for capturing circuits than whatever we had in But it is fair that e.

LTspice has a terrible GUI. html Unfortunately it's not the most popular project. jcparkyn 3 days ago parent next [—]. If you haven't tried micro-cap, I'd recommend checking it out. It became free a few years ago when the company liquidated, and it's orders of magnitude more powerful than LTspice and quite a bit more intuitive, but still not great.

Don't expect any updates though. duskwuff 3 days ago root parent next [—]. I'm still not sure what the 3D aspect in particular adds, though. Tools which work with physical wiring diagrams, like Fritzing, have been available for ages, and I don't think the 2D nature of those tools has ever been a meaningful obstacle to understanding.

azalemeth 3 days ago root parent next [—]. Kicad and other bits of more hobby-orientated software that do a 3D render such as diptrace tend to do it for reasons a and c. Those are all good reasons to use 3D capabilities in a more capable tool, but none of them apply here. kragen 3 days ago root parent prev next [—]. i agree, those would be good reasons for 3d reply. bitwize 3 days ago root parent prev next [—]. That is literally one of the first things you learn as a beginner.

maybe you should spend your time writing software that teaches the beginners how to read schematics, thus enabling them to make progress toward their presumed goal of understanding and designing circuits, instead of giving them additional handicaps to overcome, such as having to use a user interface that is as confusing as a breadboard if not more so, if the comments indicating that the pin-1 indicators are missing from the simulated chips are correct; in my browser the app wouldn't even load or at least software that gives you an error message when it fails instead of a blank white page reply.

atoav 3 days ago prev next [—]. As someone who teaches electronics to people who are purely into it for the practical parts artists I think one of the main beginner challenges in electronics is the translation between the different representations of a circuit. It is like showing someone who has never seen written language a book and trying to make them understand that the signs map to spoken language somehow.

Groking that takes some time. For that matter I think choosing the breadboarded representation of a circuit in 3D! for a simulation program is not really a good choice. For beginners it might seem like a good choice, but it prevents them from becoming accustomed to the schematics they will encounter everywhere. For more advanced people it is too clunky schematics just are superiour for reasoning about circuits.

So far the best and most usable simulator I have come across is circuit. js by Paul Falstad. It has some circuits where the simulated circuit does not match reality at all e. a CMOS-Inverter based relaxation oscillator , but it is extremely usable. xattt 3 days ago parent next [—]. The best tool I ever used to learn about circuits was a Radio Shack electronics kit. It was something I could pick away at for years as kid, and eventually develop an intuitive sense for reading a schematic.

lbriner 2 days ago root parent next [—]. Completely agree. This was my first practical kit. I bought one recently from John Lewis in the UK and they are very under-rated.

I would always recommend this as a start for young children before then going back to some theory and "why did this circuit behave this way" reply. skykooler 3 days ago prev next [—]. This spent thirty seconds with a spinning loading icon, switched my graphics card to the discrete graphics card, and then Firefox hard crashed to desktop.

I think I prefer the era designs. aifer4 3 days ago prev next [—]. This is a great technical demonstration of how to visualize a circuit board.

But I would rather walk over hot coals than try to actually design a circuit using this interface. Circuits can be represented very nicely in two dimensions, which is convenient given that computer screens are two dimensional. For things which are fundamentally 3D e.

models of objects it can be useful for design purposes to have a 3D visualization, but this doesn't seem to be the case with circuits. proee 3 days ago prev next [—]. This is great for learning - you should consider a mode that switches to traditional schematic view so people can understand the corresponding circuit. ai I've noodled around with it and I like it, but I actually find working with pencil, paper, and the actual components to be more efficient than panning and zooming around a 3d environment.

It's not always an option so these simulators are very useful, but I've come to realize I'm far better off by planning not to use these tools, I guess. flux founder here thanks for the plug!

We are working on making our schematic editor so good you'll never go back to paper : reply. I actually interviewed to work on it because as far as I can tell, this stuff is the future.

Apologies for being dismissive of the hard work your team does, especially after seeing the kinds of technical challenges you take on and working with similar technologies myself these days.

High performance, user-friendly collaborative tools in the browser are not a free lunch, and what flux does today is already impressive.

Yeah we'll likely create a schematic view! Thanks reply. heywherelogingo 3 days ago prev next [—]. The ones from worked - this is mostly blank and does nothing. CoffeePython 3 days ago parent next [—]. looks like our db went down for a few minutes when you were trying it out! Sorry about that! this combines spice simulations with microcontroller simulations reply. blacklion 3 days ago root parent next [—]. Proteus mixed mode simulation is here from let me look it up And it looks modern enough for me.

for me it combines a blank white page with no error message with some buttons at the top that don't do anything reply. bandyaboot 3 days ago prev next [—]. whywhywouldyou 3 days ago prev next [—].

Looks great if you're trying to impress some of your beginner friends, though. html I couldn't compare to OP because it timed out loading on my slow internet.

godelski 3 days ago prev next [—]. It sure is pretty, but there's a critical issue. Components can have their pins labeled, but this is done in the 3D environment. Just place them down on the right side. There's plenty of white space there. No one wants to rotate a component around like that and strain their head to read. I'm literally just going to pull up Google and get the schematic there. You have the information but it is displayed in a way that is hostile to the user.

I can't even see where pin 1 is without this view because there's no marker like we'd see on a standard real life component. Great feedback, we've chatted a bit about this internally already. It's something we'll likely add. Thanks for sharing! godelski 3 days ago root parent next [—]. Great to hear. It's hard to put your work out there and you did a good job. User interfaces are hard. What's obvious to some is hostile to others lol reply. paleogizmo 3 days ago prev next [—].

For a nice, polished, non-skeuomorphic circuit simulator, see iCircuit [1], which provides native MacOS and iOS clients based on the Falstad JS circuit simulator mentioned elsewhere in this thread, if I recall correctly.

It differs from most SPICE-based simulators in that there is no edit or run mode - the circuit is always simulating in transient mode so updates happen in real time. oscillonoscope 3 days ago prev next [—].

Nice idea but it's not very useful without net names or a schematic view. A nice looking UI isn't good if it's not functional reply. kragen 3 days ago prev next [—]. why would you want that? musicale 3 days ago parent next [—]. Still trying to solve that Y10K problem I see. it's slow going, but fortunately we still have a significant amount of time left reply.

classified 2 days ago root parent next [—]. But it's invalid. Octal doesn't allow digits above 7. midoridensha 3 days ago parent prev next [—]. Why are all your year values starting with 0? They should be 1. This is the year FYI. one departure from arbitrary conventions is usually too much for the lumpencommentariat, frequently sending them into incomprehensible rages with two, as per your suggestion, we might never see any followup comments that are actually about how to make a better circuit simulator so far we're at zero for two reply.

avsteele 3 days ago prev next [—]. This seems pretty cool, esp for a newbie to know how to put down a circuit. com and find it to be quite good for laying down parts and doing simulation including time-dependence and with parameters. Very reasonably priced IMO. forgotpwd16 3 days ago prev next [—].

Seeing it's a complicated laggy at least on my system 3d, will go with one that looks if not actually made in donatj 3 days ago prev next [—]. UI needs a lot of work to make basic tasks easier. I started from scratch and managed to build a simple blinking LED using a but found the general process far more fiddly than need be.

Took me almost 10 minutes to do what should have been seconds. Took me longer to do than it would have with a real breadboard in real life, which makes this thing a miss. Placing components correctly and in particular rotating components is very difficult. Running wires one end and at a time rather than just a click and drag felt very fiddly. Thing feels like a tech demo, not something I would hand a learner. benreesman 3 days ago prev next [—]. Perhaps peripheral the original site has been hugged to death.

Dan Luu speaks eloquently and at length about how better options are needed for logic design. I would recommend both of the above to the enthusiastic novice. Stevvo 3 days ago prev next [—]. Nice touch that you can fry a LED, but unfortunately I couldn't get the Arduino to fry; it's the expensive part and the one I would want to run a simulation to make sure I will not destroy.

oh most've missed adding that in. we'll make sure you can let the magic smoke out of the arduino if you fry it too lol reply. jonathankoren 3 days ago prev next [—]. No thanks. pugworthy 3 days ago prev next [—]. Ah skeuomorphism my old friend. So good to see you! Is that you Scott Forstall? tkanarsky 3 days ago prev next [—]. Tiny nit: the labels on the Arduino headers are z-fighting when zoomed out -- maybe offset them a bit to counter loss of precision?

blacklion 3 days ago prev next [—]. You now, left primary click for select, click-hold-and-move to move, right secondary click for context menu, this kind of stuff. tempodox 3 days ago prev next [—]. Since the title refers to how it looks, this thing looks more like a toy than a tool. I prefer to own the apps I use and retain full control over my data. malerba 2 days ago parent next [—]. You can literally edit and simulate the project while anonymous without any limitations.

Is that still not enough? Also, it's completely free and we have no plans to do anything with your data. This has been 3 months of painstaking work and you can't even be bothered to try it for free? Pretty insulting honestly and pretty hard to be an app developer these days as this mentality is becoming quite pervasive. frx 3 days ago parent prev next [—]. I agree with you but the website didn't ask me to sign in to use the app reply. Archit3ch 2 days ago prev next [—].

No automatic differentiation, no multiphysics, no symbolic reduction, no modern solvers, no GPU support for simulation, no parts library. Other than the UI, this looks closer to than vonnegut 3 days ago prev next [—]. I am looking for something similar to this for a Raspberry Pi and Python. Raspis are expensive now because of the microprocessor shortage. panzi 3 days ago prev next [—].

Looks very nice, but on my old PC with my new 4k monitor it is unusable. It would be cool if it could render at half resolution quarter the number of pixels during animation and only when animation ends render one frame at full resolution. app4soft 3 days ago prev next [—]. mdswanson 3 days ago prev next [—]. melony 3 days ago prev next [—]. Are you using SPICE for the actual simulation? Yeah we use a wasm-compiled version of ngSpice for the circuit simulation.

marmetio 3 days ago root parent next [—]. How will Diode differentiate itself from TINA? They have 3D breadboard, web browser, microcontroller code simulation, PCB layout, equation extraction, etc. unless you're violating the ngspice license? parts of ngspice are also licensed under gplv2, cc-by-sa melony 3 days ago root parent next [—].

Melony is not that pedantic and melony does not ask questions whose answers melony already know. Melony has better things to do than to hound SaaS services over alleged license violations unlike a certain somebody.

perhaps if melony didn't know that, it is evidence that the required credit is, in effect, not being given; that the authors of this software are, in effect, passing off the work of the ngspice contributors as their own reply.

etimberg 3 days ago root parent prev next [—]. We did something similar when I was on the team that built multisim. com reply. tiagod 3 days ago root parent next [—]. That's so cool that there's a web version now! I was introduced to multisim back in high-school and enjoyed that unit a lot, will play around with it on the weekend : reply.

franky47 3 days ago prev next [—]. incrudible 2 days ago prev next [—]. Would be cool if it worked, unfortunately the "Hello World" pressing the button to toggle the LED already fails on my rather high-end system and Firefox. Surely there is room for optimization as well. In terms of usability, the value I see is from being able to immediately recognize the various physical parts that one might find in their Arduino starter toolbox.

For actual editing, I would prefer a different interface however. Guess what component a simulator named diode doesn't have beambot 3 days ago prev next [—]. anothernewdude 3 days ago prev next [—]. Just made me wish it wasn't chugging to render the 3D. RektBoy 3 days ago prev next [—]. Sorry, but this website is useless and clunky. I will stick to circuit simulator which looks like it was made in Anyway, thanks reply. revenga99 3 days ago prev next [—].

Man the circuit simulators I had to use at university a couple of years ago were old. They were in color and the TA's told me that was a big deal. bitwize 3 days ago parent next [—]. VGA graphics are the future! justaj 3 days ago prev next [—]. This looks amazing, but I wish the UI would have been a little more light-weight. RodgerTheGreat 3 days ago parent next [—]. Lightweight UIs sound pretty Can't have that. sgt 3 days ago parent prev next [—]. Looks great, but yes, this is pretty unusable due to the high CPU usage.

Also on Chromium. orthecreedence 3 days ago prev next [—]. I didn't find it to be ancient at all, and when I put it on a breadboard it worked exactly as the simulator ran it. Very helpful. meindnoch 3 days ago prev next [—]. There are use cases where realistic 3D rendering improves the experience over 2D. Is this some Gen Z meme? Like if its look old, it must be bad? I cringed a lot on this website. Clunky AF. I don't think it is specific to Gen Z - it is common for any young people to seek novelty for the sake of novelty and have bias against anything old.

To some extent it is an implementation of explore-exploit strategy - one can try many different things when young and then settle on best seen things becoming older. The problem is that we cannot have usable GUI because GUI designers just cannot stop trying new things inflicting on everyone constant churn.

ur-whale 2 days ago prev next [—]. Not sure how this is better than a simulator from Or even earlier for that matter. When this can do what LTSpice can do and show a nice 3D simulation with all the voltages in realtime at each node if one wants to see said simulation instead of traces, then yeah it'll be an improvement. acutesoftware 3 days ago prev next [—]. This is very cool, though as others have said it is fairly resource intensive.

I'd love to see a schematic exported or even shown as you press simulate you clearly have it the components and links in memory somewhere to do the simulation. This would be great for debugging. al2o3cr 2 days ago prev next [—]. They're not wrong, a tool like this would have been totally impractical in dismalpedigree 3 days ago prev next [—]. Excellent UI. Is it so hard to buy an Arduino and a bunch of electronics components today? The simulation and its "3D" models seem finicky. And a lot les intuitive.

kreelman 3 days ago prev next [—]. Very cool. I threw on a 9 volt power supply and attached a wire across both terminals and clicked "simulate" Smoke starts coming out of the battery.

I wondered what it would do, nice it does that. pkstn 3 days ago prev next [—]. Wow, so awesome! iHateStylo 3 days ago prev next [—].

This looks amazing and some of you really need to stop yelling at clouds. sclangdon 3 days ago parent next [—]. Maybe, but a circuit designer is pretty high up the list of things that need to be boring and functional. DoingIsLearning 2 days ago prev next [—]. You will have to rip ngspice from my dead cold hands. You have my respect sir!

antegamisou 3 days ago prev next [—]. Also check out TARGET ! gauddasa 3 days ago prev next [—]. I'm not able to see anything except the following message: Application error: a client-side exception has occurred see the browser console for more information.

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It's been challenging to say the least, but that's half the fun. salmo 3 days ago parent prev next [—]. Assignment Essay Help. The structure has been the target of legal challenges before. So I tend to gravitate towards things that are interesting to me but not necessarily useful to others. Lightweight UIs sound pretty It's something we'll likely add.

Pages: 7. MexicanJoe 3 days ago prev next [—]. It crashes every time. Intuit also has constructed its own systems for building and monitoring the immense number of ML models it has in production, binary option that suck school, including models that are customized for each of its QuickBooks software customers. gnramires 3 days ago prev next [—]. skykooler 3 days ago prev next [—] This spent thirty seconds with a spinning loading icon, switched my graphics card to the discrete graphics card, and then Firefox hard crashed to desktop. The Great Resignation.